Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation is the “Gold Standard” treatment for individuals who have an acute or chronic lung and cardiac conditions. Our program provides an interdisciplinary involvement and individualized care promoting intervention that caters to your specific needs.

On-site pulmonary and cardiac rounds are provided for all participants.

Some of the Benefits of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation are as follows:

  • Improve your lung and cardiac functioning
  • Education on breathing techniques through exercises
  • Decrease the symptoms of your disease or condition such as shortness of breath
  • Reduce and control breathing difficulties to increase energy and participation in daily life tasks.
  • Increase your exercise tolerance and physical strength through aerobic training
  • Improve your participating in physical and social activities
  • Develop strategies to increase ability to do things in life that you need and want to do
  • Connect with other people with similar conditions
  • Harmonica Therapy

We provide you with a complete program designed around your condition. We also teach you proper techniques to continue your recovery after you go home.

“For all of the many dedicated members of the support staff a great big thank you for every kind smile, friendly gesture, big hello, wave, hug, and wheelchair push. Each and every little bit of thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated.”

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